Movies & Coffee: what a romantic Oscar!

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«If I could find a place in this world where I feel as well as at Tiffany’s , I would buy furniture and give a name to the cat».

Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany, 1961

The bubbly and imaginative atmosphere of the Venice Film Festival and The Emmy Awards has arisen our curiosity: how many famous cups of coffee have been served in movie houses without being awarded the prize they deserved?

Really a lot! For some strange reason, coffee is a recurring leitmotif in the best films of all time… considering how often it appears on Hollywood sets (and not only there), the narrative power of coffee seem to be pretty much endless!

Don’t you believe it? Just have a look here below!

Breakfast from Tiffany

There are some people which would sell their soul to the devil in order to look as smart and gracefull as Audrey Hepburn in the first well-known scene of Breakfast at tiffany’s, when she sadly looks at the jewels in Tiffany’s shop window.

And the devil would probably answer that it is impossible to be like Mrs Hepburn… The film, taken from a novel by Truman capote, would not have been the same without her.

The Usual Suspects

Another masterpiece and another scene where coffee is a main character is obviously The Usual Suspects. We are of course speaking about the final scene, where Agent Kujan (starring Chazz Palminteri) realizes Keyser Soze’s real identity. Deeply upset, he drops the coffee cup he holds in his hands, which crashes on the floor of the police station office.
A must.

Fight Club (1999)

“Fight Club first rule?”.
Drink a cup of coffee by Starbucks in every scene! Fight Club, a masterpiece by David Fincher, is a real feast of glass papers. As Fincher himself said, the choice is not random at all.
“When I moved to Los Angeles in 1984, there was no place where to find a good coffe, until Starbucks arrived.Then it was successful and they built 3 or 4 in each neighbourhood!Really too much to receive a benefit. Anyway they read the script, understood what we were doing and decided to make fun of themselves. I mean, they didn’t want to have their brand destroyed, but they were extremely happy to provide all the material. We had great fun, there are Starbucks glasses everywhere, in each scene. I’m not against Starbucks, I think they are doing a good job…but they are too successful!”

The Devis Wears Prada (2006)

What happens when a young woman with a degree in journalism gets a job as a secretary in a prestigious fashion magazine like Runway?

It gives birth to a small comedy masterpiece, that’s it. An extraordinary Meryl Streep is the bossy and firm Miranda Priestly, the magazine director.
In a very funny scene at the beginning of the film, Miranda orders the young Andrea (the excellent Anne Hathaway) to bring her a cup of coffe. Since she does not come back quickly, she shouts :
“Is very any reason why my coffee isn’t here? Are you dead or something similar?”

Thor (2011)

In one of the first films which opened the glorious cycle by Marvel on its supeheroes, we can see Chris Hermsworth starring a destructive and stubborn God Thor, chased from his reign by Asgard and forced to get used to habits on Earth.
When Thor tastes coffee for the first time, he acts as a real Asgardian, violently dropping the cup on the floor and shouting: “I LIKE THIS DRINK! ANOTHER ONE!”
Each country has its own habits, even when we are talking about fantastic kingdoms!

Men in Black (1997)

Tostay in the world of imagination, do you remember this funny scene from Men in Black, the first film in a trilogy that should be on the shelf of any science fiction addicted …or fan of will Smith!
I Worm are small alien creatures ofter very nervous and hyper-active. Do you know why? Because they are coffeine addicted!

Pulp Fiction (1994)

There are two things we can assume. The first is that a film signed by tarantino is always a great film. The second is that in each of his films there will be a cameo of Tarantino.

With this cult film, Tarantino gained a permanent place in the world of american film directors…and he does not betray his style, thanks to an unforgettable cameo in which he discuss about coffee with Con questo film cult, Tarantino si è guadagnato un posto indelebile nell’universo dei registi american Samuel Jackson and John Travolta.



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